Xbox Series X Soulstice: Deluxe Edition

Xbox Series X Soulstice: Deluxe Edition
Brand: Xbox Series X
Color: One Colour
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Soulstice: Deluxe Edition for Xbox Series X - an epic battle of strength, smarts and magic. Soulstice Deluxe Edition includes: Soulstice Full game Digital Soundtrack Digital Artbook Ashen Blade Item Pack The Holy Kingdom of Keidas is under attack from powerful, feral beings known as Wraiths, which corrupt their victims and can even possess their bodies, turning into unstoppable, vile beings that prey upon the living. Briar and Lute are two sisters who have been reborn as one of the Chimera, hybrid warriors born of the union of two souls. Now they protect humankind with the combination of Briar’s superhuman strength and Lute’s mystical powers. They are sent on a mission to reclaim a city in ruins, only to discover that the Order they belong to has a more complex plan in mind. Explore a dark world brimming with hidden mysteries, master a diverse combat system, and inhabit the dual forces of two sisters in a coming-of-age fantasy story with fast-paced action, vicious enemies, and spectacular boss fights. Fight in Synergy Manage sisters Briar and Lute simultaneously. Master melee attacks and combos as Briar and take control of the battlefield with otherworldly abilities as Lute. Combine their strengths to unlock powerful abilities. Explore a City in Ruin A Tear in the Sky has opened above the city of Ilden. As Briar and Lute fight to reach the Tear, they’ll face complex puzzles and secrets while their surroundings become more hostile and twisted. Customise Weapons and Abilities Weapons are unlocked and upgraded throughout the game and can be switched on the fly to unleash devastating combo attacks. Battle Different Enemy Classes Utilise Lute’s unique auras to expose or weaken these Wraiths and adapt to a flow of battle that never feels the same. Gaming Age Rating: 18Yrs +