Yupitergrad (PS4 PSVR)

Yupitergrad (PS4 PSVR)
Categories: Video Games, PS4
Brand: Perp Games
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Grappling hooks, wacky humor, spatial stunts - all in one crazy VR platformer! Yupitergrad is a plunger-driven cosmonaut game where you can swing through a space station in style. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience, where VR platformer meets puzzles with crazy arcade thrills thanks to the Time Attack mode. “Fun from the beginning to the end” The VR Grid. Features Use grappling hooks and boosters to navigate the deserted Space Station? It’s like a jam and peanut butter combination. Campaign with over 50 levels, wacky plot, and a dose of humor and dad jokes. Everyone loves environmental puzzles - and we have them! Time Attack mode on Disc will have you swinging through 20 arcade levels, complete with leaderboards. List of energetic and atmospheric tracks. Unique dieselpunk-in-space vibe. Easy to learn! You need only two minutes to start swinging.