Dead Cells (Nintendo Switch) eShop Key EUROPE

Dead Cells (Nintendo Switch) eShop Key EUROPE
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Brand: Dead Cells (Nintendo Switch)
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Just when you thought the souls-like experience couldn’t get any better, the developer Motion Twin comes up with a nifty 2D rogue-like action platformer known as Dead Cells. Buy Dead Cells key and experience what’s it like to traverse through a deadly castle with no checkpoints on sight! Kill, die, learn from your mistakes, return for another go – times infinity! A One of a Kind Mix Buy Dead Cells key and experience what’s it like when two genres that you might know very little about combining their forces to create something so unique that you simply cannot compare it to anything else; something so unique that It can only be defined as RogueVania! Why RogueVania? Because Dead Cells was inspired by the modern representation of Roguelite and the old-school MetroidVania features. Features to Look Forward to Dead Cells key offers unmatched replayability, focus on progress, tons of room for exploration with numerous secret passages, hidden corridors, and captivating nonlinear scenario that depends solely on your choice, and maybe even your current mood! Face numerous terrifying enemies and get better with each unsuccessful try – after all, that’s what Roguelite style is all about! Content You’ll Receive With Dead Cells key in your possession, you’ll be able to rock through 13 distinct levels, fight 4 endearing bosses, wield over 90 unique and devastating weapons, use 4 breathtaking special powers, and compete in a Daily Run Mode completed with fierce leaderboards for the boasting rights! The total first playthrough’s experience should take you from 10 to 30 hours to finish – remember, skill is everything here!