LEGO Worlds (Nintendo Switch) - Nintendo eShop Key - EUROPE

LEGO Worlds (Nintendo Switch) - Nintendo eShop Key - EUROPE
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Brand: Nintendo eShop
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LEGO gamesare currently a very popular genre among players. Perfect for people at any age, providing them with a fair challenge, beautiful graphics and very funny characters or plotline. A new installment in the series,LEGO Worldsis an open World game, where you can do almost anything. The only thing that can stop you, is your own imagination.Create and customize your own LEGO WorldYes, you read it correctly. This game allows you to create your ownLEGO World. You can compare it to a mix of both Minecraft and Garry’s Mod. You can, for example, play with a selected number of real-life LEGO sets, taken from the Classic and currentLEGO themes! You can even modify the terrain with various tools. Furthermore, the game has a built-in brick-by-brick editor tool. Also, each character can be customized. You can choose from a huge variety of outfits and other options. You can even create a character which is going to be your own copy.Explore and discover the enormous Lego WorldWhile you can create the world and shape it in any way you want, it does not mean that it is empty. First of all, each environment is full of various hidden treasures which you can find. Some of them can be considered simple collectibles. The others, are very practical items which you can use to your own advantage. You have to be observant in order to gain profits. In this World, you can do basically anything you want. For example, pick from an enormous variety of vehicles and race with your friends. You can even mount a dragon if you insist.