Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES

Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key UNITED STATES
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Brand: Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Xbox One)
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The Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Xbox One key includes: • Original Diablo 3 game; • The Reaper of Souls expansion set; • The Rise of the Necromancer pack. Celebrate this classic game series with The Eternal Collection that includes every modification and feature added to the base Diablo 3 game since its initial release in 2012. Experience the definitive edition of the game: crawl through monster-infested dungeons and aid the good guys in the ultimate battle between Heaven and Hell. This famous RPG will prove to be a challenge even for the hardcore Diablo 2 fans. With Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Xbox Live key there are 2 options: you either win or die trying. Improved gameplay Start your journey as one of the 7 great heroes: • Witch Doctor; • Barbarian; • Wizard; • Monk; • Demon Hunter; • Crusader; • Necromancer. Experiment with your build at will, re-specialize, and master new skills to create the ultimate killing machine. There are extensive skill, rune, weapon, and armour systems in Diablo 3: Eternal Collection Xbox One key, so players can approach enemies from different Acts whichever way they think is best. Combat is greatly enhanced as well - the hotbar now includes customizable shortcuts and mouse buttons for faster and smoother gameplay. Blizzard has also included new abilities, potions with cooldown timers, and even more health globes. New companions Diablo 2 had a pretty neat companion system that allowed players to hire Henchmen as aides in battle. Diablo 3: Eternal Collection key changes them into Followers - brave men and women who choose to follow you of their own volition. Just like in the previous instalment, you can upgrade their skills and powers, change their attributes, weapons, and armour. Some merchants are also willing to join you in battle which can be pretty useful as they offer insights on certain materials and can craft or alter unique items for your character. Buy the Eternal Collection and experience the new and improved Diablo 3!