Monopoly Friends Tv Series Edition

Monopoly Friends Tv Series Edition
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Brand: Monopoly
Color: One Colour
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Pivot! Pivot! …and get ready for loads of fun with this Monopoly: Friends the TV Series Edition board game! Featuring places, characters, and phrases inspired by the legendary television series, this Friends Edition Monopoly Board Game is perfect for fans of the iconic sitcom! Move around the board as Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, or Chandler, and discover iconic Friends moments such as the hilarious Giant Poking Device or Monica and Chandler’s wedding! Chance and Community Chest cards are called Apartment 19 and Apartment 20 cards, houses are now coffee mugs, and hotels are sofas. What a great way to buy, sell, dream, and scheme to own it all! This game is perfect for 2-6 players aged 8+ making it perfect for parties, sleepovers and family game nights. Age Range: 8+ Warning Message: Warning: Adult supervision at all times. Not suitable for children under 3 years Players can buy, sell, trade, and scheme to win it all with this Monopoly game inspired by some favorite Friends television series moments Woo-pah! Love the Friends TV series Get ready for Monopoly gameplay featuring memorable situations and locations from the legendary Friends sitcom Move around the board using one of the exclusive tokens: A handbag, a dinosaur, a sweater vest, a pizza, a chef’s hat, or an acoustic guitar Gameboard spaces feature scenes and themes Friends fans will recognize including Relaxi Taxi, All the Candy, Ross’ Teeth, and Holiday Armadillo