Sylvanian Families Husky Family

Sylvanian Families Husky Family
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Brand: Sylvanian Families
Color: One Colour
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Sylvanian Families Husky Family Meet the Husky Family! A brand new addition to the Sylvanian Village. The Huskies have beautiful grey and brown fur to keep them warm and the adorable triplets are wearing matching hooded outfits and they can ride in the sleigh! The mother and Father can also hold the sleigh and take them for a ride!. The Husky family has five figures to play with! Father Vincent, Mother Avril, and triplets Rae, Drake, and Nelly, as well as a sleigh for the triplets. The figures’ arms, legs and heads can be moved to put them in different poses. The fabric clothing can be removed to change their outfits. Combine with the Tandem Cycling Set -Husky Sister & Brother and Husky Twins sets (Sold Separately) for fun with the whole Husky family! Depth: 35 MM Height: 85 MM Width: 30 MM