Venom High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack (White)

Venom High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack (White)
Brand: Venom
Color: One Colour
14.99 GBP
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Venom HIGH CAPACITY RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK (WHITE) Enjoy even more game time with our high-capacity battery packs for your official Xbox controller. Offering a powerful 1100Mah Capacity, these premium packs will keep you gaming for up to 50% longer than standard batteries. Our rechargeable battery packs remove the need for you to constantly change your controller batteries with expensive disposable helping you save money and the planet! The battery packs come complete with a dual output USB charging cable that can charge both battery packs simultaneously. The 3-metre length cable offers a flexible charging position and also enable the batteries to be charged whilst placed in the controller allowing you to continue playing whilst power is restored. The battery packs are suitable for both the new generation of Xbox controllers, released alongside the Xbox series x, and also older versions that launched in conjunction with Xbox One. The pack includes 4 x battery covers - 2 for series x generation controllers and 2 for Xbox One generation controllers - to ensure compatibility with whatever controller you own.