Arcade 1Up Atari Couchcade

Arcade 1Up Atari Couchcade
Categories: PC and Console, Arcade
Brand: Arcade1Up
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Have a seat, get comfy, and Play Again with Arcade1Up Couchcades! Easily connect the Micro Game Console to your TV via HDMI port, the wireless control deck features real-feel arcade controls on top, and a soft bean bag bottom. Yep, retro gaming just literally fell into your lap! When looking back at the history of video gaming, there is no doubt which company was the trailblazing pioneer: Atari. A name that became synonymous with the arcade boom, and a powerhouse in broad entertainment. Atari titles captivated the world with vibrant graphics, easily learned yet challenging gameplay, and instantly recognizable imagery. Now, relive an amazing Atari line up from the comfort of your own couch…no matter what your age! Packed inside this Couchcade, you’ve got Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe. Centipede and Millipede. Yes, M…