Osprey Wetsuit Hanger

Osprey Wetsuit Hanger
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Brand: Osprey
Color: Black
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Osprey Wetsuit Hanger The Osprey Wetsuit Hanger is the perfect accessory to hang and dry your neoprene suit on. In vehicles or at home, the hanger is equipped with an adjustable strap and red carabiner clip so you can easily fix it up where you want.In addition to preventing any any seawater dripping into your car or around your home, the hanger has been designed to enable air to flow around your suit for a perfect dry.The cover also preserves your suit from damage by dirt and protects it from sunlight. Able to hold up to 22kg, the Osprey Hanger is ideal for travellers wanting to dry their kit ready for the next day. Depth: 15 MM Height: 240 MM Width: 340 MM Includes adjustable strap and red carabiner clip for easy hanging For outdoor and indoor uses. Ideal for travellers Prevents your wetsuit getting damaged by dirt or sunlight Designed to let the air flow through the wetsuit for a perfect dry Able to hold up to 22kg